Finding a home with Tamara was a great process

Finding a home with Tamara was a great process. This is our first home and Tamara was patient and took her time to explain the nuances of the process in detail, very much appreciated from first time buyers. Being a firefighter Tamara also brought to my attention an extra credit that she could  apply to help us. We were able to see all of the homes we wanted as long as they were still on the market, but what really set Tamara apart is that she would also add potential homes on the itinerary and she would leave it up to us if we would visit them. We ultimately ended up buying a house that was a suggestion from her and that we had overlooked because it was a bit above the absolute maximum we wanted to spend. She guided us to submitting an offer that left everyone satisfied, if it wasn’t for her expertise we would not be in be in our current home. Tamara is dedicated and easy to work with and ever since closing day, a welcome addition to our family. Thank you for all you’re help, your welcome anytime to come check on the progress!!

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