Working with Tamara to find my home was such a pleasure!

Working with Tamara to find my home was such a pleasure! After the experience that I had with her, I couldn’t imagine buying another home, or even selling my current home, with anyone else! I’ll use her as long as I’m we’re both in the same area!!

Tamara was so personable, positive and full of
  great energy. She really listened to what I wanted and let me lead a lot of the time, which was great as she had so much more knowledge than me, but she really let me learn and feel things out, which I was so appreciative of. She was also so full of knowledge when it came to home renovating, what the costs could potentially be to help me stay on track and how to go about some services that I hadn’t thought of and really had no clue about. I really appreciated working with her and also getting to know her as a person. I cannot tell you how much fun she was to work with!

Tamara also really looked out for me when I was looking at different houses and letting me know if maybe that wasn’t the best area or to really think about an area and what activities I enjoy doing and if that area could accommodate those activities. Again, I can’t reiterate how knowledgeable she is and how willing she was to share that knowledge, which is such a huge plus! She was also really open about her own personal experiences with buying a condo, selling it and eventually buying a house herself and what that journey looked like to give you some piece of mind about your own journey.

Tamara is truly an empathetic person and just a wonder to work with. I remember when I first spoke with her about having her show me some houses (we met at a mutual friends house warming party) and she cautioned me to interview other realtors as well and not just settle on her as she knew that I hadn’t spoken to anyone else at that time. That blew me away a bit and after meeting with her once more at a later date, it just solidified for me that she cared and was the right person for me to work with.


I don’t think anyone could go wrong with Tamara!

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